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Success Stories
Acupuncture Reviews from Satisfied Patients 

"Dr. David is so knowledgeable, kind and witty. I can tell he truly cares about his patients, and is attentive to patient needs before, during and after treatments.
After going to Dr. David for several weeks I have noticed many positive and encouraging changes in my health that make me optimistic about the future!
It's also worth noting that the office is beautiful, clean and bright! Treatment rooms are made comfortable with heated beds and lamps, soothing music, and tasteful artwork. His staff is also friendly and accommodating.
I highly recommend going to see Dr. David at Fairfield Acupuncture!!" -Monica I.

"Dr. David is a fantastic acupuncturist! He is extremely kind, knowledgeable, and his treatments are amazing. His dedication to his craft is unparalleled. From never experiencing acupuncture before his work really made me feel great! Can't wait for my next visit!" -D.J.

"Whatever Dr. Dagg-Murry is doing or targeting is working! He's saving my marriage and he's giving my kids their mother back! He's saving my life!!" -CN

"I had severe pain in my lower back and after ONE treatment, the pain is almost completely gone!!! I can't believe it it!!! THANK YOU!!! -NC

"My mom has always been very ADHD, jumping from one thing to the next all day. When all of her problems started, she didn't do nearly as much and was rather lethargic. Today she is like her old self! She has about 15 projects that she's started. She was hungry for dinner last night and ate well and had very few hiccups. THANK YOU!!" -JW

"My back doesn't hurt-I can play golf again without pain!" -Bill 

"I can walk with confidence again-the numbness is gone!" -Amy

"The last acupuncture treatment I received from Dr. Dagg-Murry was on July 23rd. The days since have all been free of back pain (unlike every day this year before that) Nice work!" -BR

"Dr. David Dagg-Murry is so knowledgeable and kind. Acupuncture took away the crippling finger pain in my right hand. I no longer need to see a chiropractor or massage therapist to treat my pain." -Amber 

"Acupuncture is amazing! It has helped me so much, I wish everyone knew about it!" -Julie

"Three months after treatment stopped and I am still pain free!" -Will

"Acupuncture with Dr. David Dagg-Murry helped me conceive my first child! I am so excited!" -T.S.

"Dr. David Dagg-Murry is very kind and professional. Acupuncture has helped me more than words could describe!" -V.H.

"My chronic pain is gone! I am living again!" -J.B.

"I began getting Acupuncture in 2017 for insomnia. Dr. David Dagg-Murry has helped me with this and so much more. Thank you!" -Shawn S. 

"Fairfield Acupuncture has a top-notch staff and facility. Dr. Dagg-Murry did more for me in six weeks than seven years of numerous physicians and medications. It's been worth every cent." -Jennifer B.

"Acupuncture is the thing that has helped me the most!" -C.T.

Success Stories - Fairfield Acupuncture in Lancaster, OH

Success Stories - Fairfield Acupuncture in Lancaster, OH

David Dagg-Murry offers Acupuncture in Lancaster, OH

Success Stories - Fairfield Acupuncture in Lancaster, OH

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